Goat Milk Soap


Goat Milk Soap


GREEN GRANITE GOAT MILK SOAPS are made with vegetable oils (olive, coconut and palm) and are crafted by hand in very small batches utilizing herbs from our gardens and milk from our small herd of Alpine dairy goats. They are fortified with skin-nourishing avocado oil, Maine honey and kaolin clay, and are scented with certified pure essential oils from plants, fruits and flowers.
At Green Granite Farm everything is done by hand - from tending and milking the goats, to growing and drying the herbs, and cutting and labeling the soap with our handmade labels.

Gentle, cleansing, and nourishing, these soaps will leave your skin soft and moisturized.
No synthetic fragrances.
No detergents.
No dyes.
Just good soap!

All bars of soap are hand-cut and are a hefty 6 - 7 ounces each.
For more detailed descriptions of the individual scents, please visit www.greengranitesoap.com

Green Granite soap is located on Vinalhaven, an island in the Penobscot Bay, Maine, USA.

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